Corporate Social Responsibility

‘Electrographics Sign’ is connected with the NGO Deen Welfare Foundation and through Deen Welfare Foundation, he connects himself with the under privilege and the less fortunate people and the people in need, especially children. There are many important causes which he is involved with the Deen Welfare Foundation, as a responsible citizen of India and the person with authority, he believes, it his responsibility to be connected and be a part of the social causes.

He actively participates in the various programs organized by the NGO, the one cause which is very close to his heart is, the child education, from the bottom of the heart he believes that basic Education is for one and all, every child, irrespective of his social and financial upbringing should be provided with the basic education, which helps the child to connect with the outer world and helps him/her have a healthy life, good upbringing, Social values and also helps the child for a better future.

Charity is the other important cause which is very close to his heart. Charity it is the fourth important pillar and mandate of Islamic faith, which compels him to be involved in various charity works and fund raising programs.