Egsign (Electrographics Sign) is one of the biggest Sign Boards Manufacturer in Mumbai. In April 2000, it was set up in India by M.Sirajuddin Shaikh. He has accomplished immense and worldwide involvement in different fields of visual expressions and promotions.Egsign is one of the main organizations in the Signage Industry and thus one of the most recommended Sign Boards Manufacturer in Mumbai. We exceed expectations in the reproduction of signage products, signage consultancy, and related services. We give a wide range of Sign Boards at reasonable costs. Among the various Sign Boards Manufacturer, we stand out as an exception to the industry by offering the finest quality and variety of Signages at exceedingly impressive prices.


Signages are ordinarily utilized for general showcase or ad purposes in different parts of the nation. Signages are important as they provide signs and symbols relevant for appropriate usage. They are used at Traffic signals, Shop banners, industries and other public places like railway stations, malls, schools, hospitals, offices, banks, corporate parks, gardens and many more The sparkling and alluring look of the LED Signage forces the bystander to readily or reluctantly examine the name or message. Henceforth, with Sign Board, your work to advance your name or item turns out to be exceptionally simpler. Egsign is a dependable name among the Sign Boards Manufacturer in Mumbai.

Types of Sign Boards –

Regular / Conventional Sign Boards –

A basic 2-D sheet and some paint is the thing that makes traditional sign boards. These are the sign boards that are generally utilized for business promoting. You can use the ordinary kind of sign boards to catch the consideration of a substantial crowd and it can without much of a stretch mounted anyplace, even in divided with constrained zones.

LED Sign Boards –

Driven sign sheets utilize LED lights to convey the message. This sort of sign boards is very attractive and works particularly well around evening time. Driven sign sheets can be utilized to show high-goals pictures and in addition, to make outwardly striking sign boards. In the event that you need to utilize sign boards that works for your business, at that point a LED sign boards is certainly one of the sign boards you ought to consider. LED Sign Boards are a delight to all the Sign Boards Manufacturer in Mumbai and elsewhere.

3-D Sign Boards –

These are a standout amongst the most exclusive kinds of sign boards around. The 3-dimensional impact gives a fly to the sign load up and looks really staggering. Immense mockups of items that your business bargains in, is an extraordinary method to get the consideration of your potential clients and to advertise your items adequately.

Neon Sign Boards –

This kind of sign boards uses neon lights which gives a retro vibe to the sign boards. It additionally devours a considerable measure of intensity and isn’t exceptionally vitality effective. Except if the retro look factor is imperative for your business promoting, you should abstain from these kinds of sign boards and decide on LED sign boards.

Boxed Sign Boards –

These sorts of sign boards are a mix of the ordinary sign board and the lighting impact of LED sign boards. They contain lights underneath a layer of the sign board which enlightens the sign board. They offer amazing permeability, both amid the day and also around evening time.

Stickers –

These sorts of sign boards are simple signs with one side sticky so they can be adhered to various surfaces, for example, the sides of an immense vehicle, on dividers, lifts etc. They are exceptionally viable mediums of business promoting as they use the unusual spaces which are left undiscovered by different sorts of sign boards.